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Redmarines music festival


Краткое название: Redmarines music festival

URL: http://www.redmarines.com/

Город: Land of Indian Valley Reservoir, California

Контакты: 2.5 hours N/E of San Francisco
•Take I-80 East
•Take I-505 North
•After I-505 merges with I-5, take Williams/Road 20
•Take Road 20 West (left) until junction with Road 16
•Stay on 20 and about 50ft-100ft pass the junction with 16

•Make a right onto a dirt road called Bear Valley Road.
•You’ll take this road for about 20-30 min, across the fields
•The first intersection you’ll come to will be Brim Rd. Make a left onto it. There will be a sign Indian Valley Reservoir

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